" Now, training fighters is like trying to catch fish. It's not the strength but the technique. "

Angelo Dundee

Meet The Coaches

At Samui international Muay Thai Boxing Gym Thai we have a group of talented coaches. They will take you from the beginning and train you up tpo be the best you can be.


These trainers are renowned for their individual teaching and mentoring skills.

If you are interested and are in the area pop along and  Come and Meet the Coaches.

All of our trainers and coaches come with only the top credentials. They are seasoned professional fighters themselves, you can be assured that you will be trained to the highest level.


Khun Harnsuk - Samui International Muay Thai Gym

Khun Harnsuk


From Suratthani Khun Harnsuk has been a coach and trainer for the past 13 years.


Harnsuk is also still fighting professionally as well as being one of the best coaches in the country


He spent four years of his career starring at the famous Lumpini and Rajadamnern Boxing Stadiums Bangkok.


He has over 150 professional bouts and has been training since he was only 9 years old.


Khun Harnsuk has always wanted to be a top fighter and coach. He puts his love of Muay Thai down to his Father who was also a professional kickboxing Bare-knuckle fighter.


Muay Thai runs through Khun Harsak family like a river, both his sons are also training to become professional fighters too.

Khun Sailom - Samui International Muay Thai Gym

Khun Sailom

Hailing from Nong Khai, Khun Sailom has been involved in Muay Thai since being a young boy of 8 years old.


He has previously fought on TV on Channel Nine and Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok (only the top fighters fight here).


Winner of over 120 professional bouts and still fighting professionally today Khun Sailom is an expert in Bareknuckle fighting.


Without a doubt, Khun Sailom is one of the best trainers on the island of Samui.


His experience of fighting professionally combined with his knowledge and years of training fighters is a perfect balance.